Support Services

Support Services

Support services are offered throughout Florence County. FCDSNB serves more than100 people in a variety of programs. Services are developed based on the choices of the consumers and their families. Each individual has a plan of support that identifies specific goals. The plan consists of the strengths, interests, and talents of the individual and the assistance needed to achieve the results that they want in their lives.

Early Intervention

FCDSNB provides Early Intervention for children ages 0-5 with developmental delays or disabilities through our “Early Steps” program. Each child served by Early Steps has an Early Interventionist, who coordinates services and may provide Special Instruction.

Services coordinated by our Early Interventionists include access to therapies, school services, and community programs.

  • Early Interventionist work together with each child’s therapists (occupational, physical, and speech) and family to create an individual treatment plan.
  • Early Interventionist help families with the transition into the school system.
  • Early Interventionist support families with support groups and other community activities, programs.
  • Respite Services are provided family that meet eligible criteria.
  • Early Interventionist help children meet their full potential.