Day Support Services

Work Centers offer various opportunities for individuals in training and work settings. We develop social and independent skills so individuals can achieve more independence. By doing actual work individuals earn wages and are able to improve their work skills. The ultimate goal of work centers is to train and prepare individuals for employment in the community.

Day Support Services offered are:

  • Center Based Training:  Provides work skills in an environment to enhance independence and productive lives; may receive wages.
  • Enclaves: Provides training and work on a job site (Industry or Business) with opportunity and possibilities that lead to competitive employment.
  • Mobile Work Crews:  Work in the community doing lawn management and janitorial work.
  • Supportive Employment:  Services are primarily geared to community connections for finding and keeping employment in inclusive of career development. A Job Coach supports this service.
  • Employment First:  A stimulating day environment opportunity.