About Us

About Florence County Disabilities & Special Needs

FCDSNB (Florence County Disabilities & Special Needs Board) provides services throughout Florence County that bring out the best in people while promoting opportunities, broadening their abilities and supporting choices. These services are located in the major communities of Florence, Lake City, Timmonsville, Johnsonville, Olanta and Pamplico. More than 1000 people are being served throughout the county in a variety of support services and programs that include day services, employment opportunities, residential services, leisure activities, and family support services.

FCDSNB provides opportunities for flexibility, personal choice and independence for people with disabilities and special needs. The Board promotes person-centered approaches to services that increase opportunities for self determination and choice. We support people with intellectual disabilities, Autism and head and spinal cord injuries.

Our approach to service delivery provides for increased family involvement in the decision making process. Through a team oriented focus, FCDSNB strives to link the family and individual with community-based services that will ensure meaningful work and personal relationships. Using significantly benefit and reflect on;

  • preserving and considering personal values,
  • providing guidance,
  • promoting creativity, flexibility and efficient use of resources while “empowering” people and organization.